They're both supposed to spin. That's all there is to it. When you stab the long pedal on a performance car and the smoke clears, there should be two black stripes of equal length on the ground. When they were new, that's exactly what they did.

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But most of us don't consider a limited-slip differential as a wear item, just like brake shoes or a clutch. Eventually, a limited-slip stops limiting wheel spin, and you have a really fancy open differential. You can refurbish a limited-slip the same way you refurbish a clutch or brakes: Replace the parts that have worn friction material.

The mystery of a limited-slip differential may put some people off. A limited-slip differential is a compact piece with a bunch of parts in it, and people don't generally understand how the parts work together to keep both wheels spinning.

To boil it down: There are two sets of clutch discs and metal discs sandwiched into two packs. Each pack is connected to a side gear. A stub on the outside diameter of the side gear is splined, and the clutch pack rides on it.

The inside diameter of the side gear is also splined and holds the end of the axleshaft. On a GM Positraction unit, springs in the center of the unit force the clutch packs together, essentially making the side gears behave as a solid unit, connecting both axles.

When the car goes around a corner, the outside wheel turns faster than the inside wheel, the pressure of the springs is overcome, and the clutches slip. In a straight line, the clutches hold, and the tires spin together. The clutches in a differential wear out, and when they do, you have two choices: Replace the whole differential with a new one, or replace the worn clutches.

gm 12 bolt posi

It seems most people don't realize they have the second option. Ultimate Driveline in Shelbyville, Michigan, offers all the internal parts to rebuild an Eaton-style limited-slip differential, as well as complete new units. If you know your way around handtools, the decision is a no-brainer. The factory tuned the stiffness of the Posi units with different springs, available in, and pound pressures. The pounders will keep both tires spinning when you're driving on ice or snow; think "the Posi for the family station wagon.

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The pounders will hook up on the dragstrip with sticky tires, but they're generally considered at the limit on the street. A set of pound springs will make the rearend chatter and shudder going around corners, and it will also put undue pressure on the clutch packs, shortening their lives.

We took apart two different GM bolt rearends for this story to rebuild one and show damage on the other. A new set of clutches and stiffer springs went in the first one, while we're still deciding what to do with the second due to chipped teeth on an end gear. According to him and other Chevy guys we've talked to, it's not uncommon for bolts to break.

When considering what to do with your own bolt, you need to figure out which pieces to replace versus just buying a complete unit. If the pieces save a couple hundred bucks, it's not a decision at all. On the other hand, if it needs a complete internal kit plus clutches, for a few dollars more you can get a brand-new unit.Our new search experience requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please enable JavaScript on your browserthen try again. Save 12 bolt posi to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed.

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gm 12 bolt posi

Items in search results Vehicle finder tool Find parts for your automobile Select a vehicle:. Search refinements Categories. Automotive Axle Parts 6. Other 1. Collectibles 1. Format see all Format. All Listings filter applied. Buy It Now. Brand Type see all Brand Type.

Aftermarket Branded Genuine OEM Unbranded 1. Not Specified Type see all Type. Differential Posi Differential Pinion Gear 4. Carrier 2. Brand see all Brand. Eaton General Motors Richmond Placement on Vehicle see all Placement on Vehicle. Rear Right 8. Warranty see all Warranty. No Warranty 3. Unspecified Length Fitment Type see all Fitment Type. Direct Replacement Herman Road, Raleigh, NC View 12 24 48 60 Items 1- 34 of Description: This kit includes spider gears, side gears, and thrust washers.

gm 12 bolt posi

Fits General motors 12 bolt passenger and truck applications. Condition: New. Qty :. Description: Fits Ford 8. Item : AX:G To do that, carbon disc clutch packs, preloaded by a central spring assembly, are located behind each differential side gear. Description: 1. GM 12 Bolt 8. Description: This is a full set up kit to do the job right. Description: Crush sleeve eliminator kit for GM 12 bolt truck. Description: The True Trac limited slip uses a worm-gear design to bias torque from one tire to the other, providing extremely smooth operation.

Since there are no clutches in this unit, there are no parts to Description: Throw your RTV away!

GM 12 Bolt Differential - 14 Steps To A Shapely Rear!

Designed for uncompromising quality and performance in high demand motorsports, LubeLocker Gaskets are without equal. Rock crawlers, drag racers, circle track, and desert Description: The Detroit is a fully automatic locking differential, if you need a dependable locker, that only unlocks when you need it to, the detroit is a good option. Super Carrier Shim kit for Ford 8. Description: "Super" carrier shim kit for Ford 8. Yukon GM 12 Bolt Truck 3. Description: All Yukon Gears are computer-controlled forgings, forged out of steel, fully automated turning, single pass cut, and then vacuum heat treated, the sum of these processes is the ultimate Yukon GM 12 Bolt Truck 4.

Yukon GM 12 Bolt Truck 5. Sign In or Create an Account.One of the best performance modifications that can be made to a street machine is a change in rear gears. Going from a stock, economy-minded 2. Youll swear you found another 50 horsepower somewhere. The bad part is that while simple engine bolt-ons can be done by almost anyone with a hammer and a screwdriver, changing a ring-and-pinion gearset is much more involved and requires some dedicated tools that you probably dont have.

This is especially true of the GM and bolt rearends, but weve recently run across a few trick tools that make it easier and less expensive to set up the GM rearends at home. The accompanying photos and captions will show how to install the ring-and-pinion gears and set them up with the correct clearances and specs. We wont get into rebuilding the differential here. For the juicy details on how to do that and how to get more performance out of the diff, check out Improve Your And Bolt Positraction.

Rob Kinnan writer Jeff Smith photographer. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.Currie bolt Crate Rearends for A-body vehicles are complete, ready to bolt-in assemblies, with a choice of popular differential types, gear ratios and brake options making it easy to customize the package to meet almost any need.

Currie bolt Crate Rearends are built to match the vehicles stock axle width, pinion offset, suspension mounting locations and wheel bolt pattern for a straightforward hassle-free installation. Included Standard Features.

Chevy 12 Bolt Ring and Pinion Install Part 1

Options To Complete The Build. Looking for something different?

GM 12-Bolt Rearend Guide: How To Identify That Swap Meet Find

Click on Live Chat or call to speak with an expert to build the custom solution that meets your needs. This allows brake kits that use this standard, to easily be changed or upgraded without having to modify the housing or axles.

gm 12 bolt posi

ABCS brakes use a 2. Selecting the right differential for your rearend build is an important decision that will be with you for a very long time - if you get it right. Below are short, not-too-technical, overviews of some of the most frequently asked about differential options for Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, and Muscle Trucks.

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Under normal light throttle driving conditions, a Truetrac operates much like a standard open differential, allowing the rear wheels to rotate at slightly different speeds for smooth cornering. However, when accelerating torque appliedthe six helical-gears inside the unit smoothly and quietly engage, applying torque to both rear wheels equally, maximizing traction think two equal length black stripes. Unlike a traditional clutch-type posi, a Truetrac requires no special oil additive or maintenance.

With silky-smooth positive operation and no components to wear out, the Truetrac maintains day-one performance for the life of the unit. In operation, the clutches slip just enough to allow for smooth cornering while engaging with more force as power torque is applied, driving both wheels equally. When used in a daily driver, these units function well; however, as the miles add up or with aggressive driving or track use, the clutches and other internal components will become worn and severely degrade performance.

Luckily, rebuild kits are widely available so that these units can be restored to like-new performance. Additionally, if the vehicle sits for extended periods, the clutch plates can stick together, causing the unit to chatter and clunk until gear oil works its way in between the clutch plates. A friction modifier must be added to the gear oil to help prevent the clutches from moaning or chattering during normal driving. When power torque is applied in either forward or reverse directions, the unit locks both axles together like a spool.Curious why the previous rebuilder would hammer on the cross shaft with a chisel, leaving that big gouge.

I figure the grease dissolves shortly after driving around a bit. I used to build posi units for a living. Eaton knock offs that rhyme with Ura-grapeā€¦ok they were Yukon Dura-Grips. Also rebuilt many Eatons.

Removing the spring pack, or reinstalling them? I used a set of large snap-on big channel pliers. C-clamp is too slow if you are building units a day. It looked OK, but we wanted to check out the the clutches before we stab this posi into our 12 bolt differential that is destined for our project 65 Impala SS.

GM and Eaton clutch type posi differentials are fully rebuildable with several companies making replacement and upgraded clutch packs. Preload springs and pinion gears are also available. But, if you need all that it would be cheaper to buy a brand new posi from Eaton. The good news is that the pinion shaft and pinion gears looked great. The first thing needed to be removed is the pinion shaft retaining bolt, then the pinion shaft should slide out of the case easily.

At this point, we decided to get some instruction from our Chevy Chassis Overhaul Manual. Spin the case around to the smaller of the two holes on sides. This is the observation hole. Slowly tap the preload retaining plate a bit farther in order to get a C clamp on the assembly. Once tapped out about half way, the Overhaul Manual says to use two pieces of steel flat stock across the middle of the retaining plate and the C clamp to hold together as you tap it the rest of the way out.

An old steel ruler and a crescent wrench were used instead. We marked the side and pinion gears in relation of the access hole on the case in order to keep the parts correct. To remove the side and pinion gears, we rotated them in one direction toward the observation and access holes.Display Options.

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